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Smart City Challenge Frederiksberg 2018

Over the weekend of February 23rd to 25th 2018 Smart City Challenge Frederiksberg 2018 was hosted by The University of Copenhagen | SCIENCE Innovation Hub and the Municipality of Frederiksberg, Denmark.

More than 50 students, citizens and companies – all with different backgrounds – gathered at Campus Frederiksberg to find solutions to some of the city’s challenges within mobility, sustainability, liveability and health.

In just 48 hours the participants formed 11 teams and devised 11 concepts aiming to solve specific challenges for citizens, businesses or employees within the city of Frederiksberg. All the teams worked incredibly hard throughout the whole weekend. We are indeed impressed by the commitment and ingenuity of the groups and we will therefore do our very best to help the groups realise their projects. You can see all the concept presentations below and other clips from the weekend.


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The winning concept

BagUp is the name of the winning concept – an IoT based solution to dispense bio waste bags to the citizens of Frederiksberg. The pick-up stations will be placed strategically around the city. Sensors in the stations will let the municipality know when to stock up the dispensers. The solution can be integrated into existing systems, e.g. the location of the dispensers will be integrated into the city maps (GIS), and data about their current stock level will be displayed to citizens and city employees who need to refill the dispensers.

The judges chose this concept among all the other relevant cases because this solution solves several existing challenges within the city, and can easily be implemented. The winning team received a bag of fun and useful gadgets and a start-up pack with expert help to develop the project further, also potentially giving the group a kick-start to establish their own business.

In addition to the winning team we also awarded the team behind Food Monsters with a WTF prize. The concept behind this idea is to engage children and their families from Frederiksberg enabling them to explore the locale ‘foodscape’ in Frederiksberg in a fun and lively way.

Congratulations to the winning group, from the University of Copenhagen | SCIENCE Innovation Hub and the Municipality of Frederiksberg.


Health: How can we improve the health of the citizens of Frederiksberg?

Liveability: How can we make Frederiksberg an even more liveable city?

Mobility: How can we improve mobility within the city of Frederiksberg?

Sustainability: How can we make Frederiksberg even more green and sustainable?

Icons in the graphics illustrating the four case were created by Parkjisun, Ludovic Riffault, Marco Livolsi, Joni Ramadhan, laili, Xinh Studio, Tawny Whatmore and Frédéric Lascours from The Noun Project.




Find Frederik (Treet)

Smarter Community Healthcare

Sustainable Color Sorting


Smart Park

Sweet Spot


Food Monsters

My Frederiksberg Experience

Thank you!

Thank you so much to all the case-owners, mentors and judges for taking part in this year’s Smart City Challenge – and to all the companies contributing to the prize. Your contributions are deeply appreciated.

Thank you all for a fantastic and productive weekend. We hope everyone had fun, learnt something new and made some news friends.

More information?

You are more than welcome to contact us at smartcity@frederiksberg.dk

What is Smart City Frederiksberg?

In 2018, Frederiksberg will be the first city in Denmark to be covered by a wireless network. It enables us to collect and present data about the city’s use. We share our data with you, so that together we can create new business opportunities and value for the city.

Smart City is an approach to the city’s challenges where we create data driven solutions that use the technological possibilities of the city, in collaboration with the residents and businesses.

A smart city is a city where we have the tools and the data to make better decisions, foresee problems, solve issues proactively, and coordinate resources, so that the city functions effectively.

Read more in the Frederiksberg Smart City Strategien (only in Danish)


Lasse Chor
Founding Partner, Happy42


Britta Ravn Bjerglund
Business Developer, Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE)
Ravi Vatrapu
Professor and Director, Centre for Business Data Analytics, Copenhagen Business School.
Mikkel Leth Olsen
Lead Disruptive Technology Specialist, DELTA - a part of FORCE Technology
Jens Farvig Thomsen
Product Developer & Co-founder, deemly
Solla Zophoniasdottir
Nordic Education Lead at Climate-KIC Nordic
Maria Garde
Head of Incubator, Ideas Lab at Filmby Aarhus


Erik Bisgaard Madsen
Vice-Dean for Private and Public Sector Services, Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen
Ulrik Winge
Director, Municipality of Frederiksberg
Maja Yhde
Senior Project Manager, Gate 21
Filip Zibrandtsen
Founding Partner & Consultant, Urban Creators ApS
Monica Maria Moeskær
Project Leader and Design Anthropologist at Danish Design Centre

Planning Team

Martin König
Executive Assistant, Municipality of Frederiksberg
Lisa Parsberg
Communication Assistant, University of Copenhagen
Emil Braunstein
GIS- og Data Specialist, Municipality of Frederiksberg
Dorthe Lynnerup
Special Consultant, University of Copenhagen
Camilla Mortensen
Smart City | Digitalisering, Municipality of Frederiksberg
Saskia Gooding
GIS- og Design Specialist, Municipality of Frederiksberg