About FSC

About Frederiksberg Science City

Frederiksberg Science City is a partnership established by the University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Business School (CBS), the Royal Danish Academy of Music and Frederiksberg Municipality. Frederiksberg Science City’s focal points are the large University of Copenhagen and CBS campuses in Frederiksberg and the area surrounding the Royal Danish Academy of Music.

The aim of Frederiksberg Science City is to develop the strengths of the overall knowledge environments in Frederiksberg, which is why it should be seen as a coherent cluster of research and educational institutions, small and medium-sized knowledge companies and startups, Frederiksberg Municipality and other relevant players.

As a result Frederiksberg Science City focuses on the interaction between the city’s key players and development of the campuses into educational environments that are well integrated parts of the city and city life, thus exploiting the areas as a unique force in the urban development of Frederiksberg.

Frederiksberg Science City is one of four cities of knowledge in Greater Copenhagen, which has a heavy concentration of research and educational institutions that play a significant role in the Øresund Region’s growth and development strengths.

The other three knowledge cities/sister organisations of Frederiksberg Science City are: Copenhagen Science City, Ørestad Innovation City Copenhagen and Lyngby-Taarbæk City of Knowledge.

Together they are called Greater Copenhagen Science Cities, due to their placement as cities of knowledge under Greater Copenhagen.

Our purpose

The fundamental purpose of Frederiksberg Science City is to tie the circle of partners and related players closer together in various target areas on research, education, business development and the advancement of Frederiksberg as a city of knowledge with local campus areas and educational environments that are well integrated parts of the city and citylife.

The specific collaborations, synergies and mutual progress that arises will help to develop Greater Copenhagen into an innovative, green metropolis with high growth, employment and quality of life, at the very least akin to the level in comparable European metropolises.