Member organisations and other partners

Member organisations and other partners

Frederiksberg Science City shares a partnership with several other knowledge institutions in Frederiksberg; the following provides a brief presentation.

Member organisations in the Frederiksberg Science City Council

Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

CBS is a unique business school that currently has almost 22,000 students and 1,700 researchers, PhD students and other academic staff who work at the university daily. CBS offers a comprehensive range of academic degrees in business administration, management and culture.

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The Royal Danish Academy of Music

One of Northern Europe’s premier academies, the Royal Danish Academy of Music has 150 teachers and offers a wide range of bachelor, graduate and solo programmes for approximately 400 students.

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University of Copenhagen SCIENCE

The University of Copenhagen Faculty of Science, known as SCIENCE, is presently Denmark’s largest institution for natural science research and education. SCIENCE currently has about 9,500 students and 4,500 researchers, PhD students and other staff.


University of Copenhagen Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

The University of Copenhagen Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences is currently home to Denmark’s largest PhD school. The Faculty has 3,370 researchers and PhD students and 7,700 students.

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Frederiksberg Municipality

Frederiksberg Municipality is an independent local authority located in the heart of the capital, which is a part of Greater Copenhagen. In 2016 there were 104,481 inhabitants in an area covering 8.7 square kilometres, making Frederiksberg the most densely populated municipality in Denmark.

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Other partners in Frederiksberg Science City

Student & Innovation House

Located in the former police station in Frederiksberg, Student & Innovation House is a student project that works jointly with CBS and foundations to create a hub for student-run innovation. The vision behind Student & Innovation House is to create collaboration across private, public and civil society organisations to explore new solutions to societal problems.

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Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship – CSE

CSE is the largest student entrepreneurship community in Denmark. They help student entrepreneurs develop their ideas into sustainable businesses through incubator and accelerator programs. CSE wish to develop skilled, young professionals who can build sustainable and viable businesses and innovative environments in society.

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Go Grow

Go Grow is an accelerator program at Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship. It is developed in collaboration with the Danish Industry Foundation and several other partners. Their aim is to enable focused early-staged startups to reach international growth.

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Digital Growth Path – DGP

Digital Growth Path (DGP) is developed in cooperation with the Danish Industry Foundation and a range of university and business partners, and is part of the Go Grow program. DGP aims to accelerate manufacturing-tech entrepreneurs by educational modules and peer-interaction. The DGP startup companies apply through the same competitive Go Grow process and work alongside the entrepreneurs in the Go Grow program.

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Start Up Programme

Start Up Programme is a unique program for entrepreneurship in education. It contains different activities and is aimed at all students in Denmark regardless the level of education, and includes the teachers as well. Start Up Programme is testing and strengthening future entrepreneurs and innovators.

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RESONANS is a festival for art, body and society.