FRB Talks: How do we preserve the giant panda?
16:00 to 17:15

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How do we breed the giant panda in captivity? And what happens when Chinese and Western music comes together in the world’s first panda suite?

The giant panda is one of the most difficult wild animals to breed in captivity. For 80 years, researchers have been working towards accomplishing this, but progress in the first 50 years was slow. However, in the last 30 years, through joint efforts by many researchers in China and abroad, rapid progress has been made in the breeding technology of captive giant pandas.

At this lecture Hou Rong, director of the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, will share her knowledge about the importance of the preservation of endangered species and the benefits of intercultural cooperation.

After the lecture you are invited to hear the world’s first panda suite commissioned by Music Confucius Institute to celebrate the pandas’ arrival to Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark. The piece focusses on the dialogue between Chinese and Western music, and will be performed by an orchestra comprised of musicians from Copenhagen Phil, Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing, and the Royal Danish Academy of Music.

Practical information

Entrance is free, but there is a limited number of tickets. You will receive your ticket on the day by showing the confirmation that you receive by email upon registration. The doors open at 15:30.

About Hou Rong

Hou Rong is director of the research center and researcher at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and deputy director of Sichuan Key Laboratory for Conservation Biology on Endangered Wildlife. She has successfully been engaged in over 30 scientific research projects related to panda breeding research.

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