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FRB Talks

Frederiksberg Science City presents FRB Talks, a series of lectures and events in Frederiksberg, where you can hear about the latest, most exciting research and experience music talents.

The purpose of FRB Talks is to disseminate the knowledge and research available in Frederiksberg’s many top-notch environments in education and research.

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Antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest global threats to human health – but how can we avoid using antibiotics? For this FRB Talks, researchers Dorte Frees, Anders Miki Bojesen and Jens Peter Nielsen focused on the topic of antibiotic resistance, and how we can avoid using antibiotics when breeding poultry and pigs.

FRB Talk on fake news

What role did fake news really play on Facebook and Twitter during the US presidential election in 2016? CBS Professor Ravi Vatrapu’s lecture focused on this issue and presented his ground-breaking research on fake news in social media.

The invention of the piano

Why was the piano invented? PhD Søren Schauser tells the story of the Italian instrument maker Bartolomeo Cristofori’s invention of the piano in the early 18th century.

Dietary advice in 2018

New research shows that dietary advice in 2018 is an indiviual matter. But how do you find the specific dietary advice that works for you? On this lecture senior physician and researcher Arne Vernon Astrup told how to find your type and what specific dietary advice that works.

Animal diseases

How do you know the cause of an animal death? How do you make an animal vaccine, and how can you be sure that it works?

This FRB Talks lecture is held by Professor Andes Miki Bøjesen from University of Copenhagen, and Zoo veterinarian Mads Bertelsen, and focuses on their unique research collaboration which connects University of Copenhagen and the Zoological Garden.