Startup communities, co-working spaces and business centres

Startup communities, co-working spaces and business centres

Frederiksberg Science City is home to a large variety of startup communities, co-working spaces and business centres; the list below provides an overview.

Startup communities, co-working spaces and business centres in Frederiksberg Science City


CoPlay, a co-working space in Frederiksberg for self-employed and small businesses, provides an informal environment with opportunities for professional discussions and knowledge sharing.

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CPH:OFFICE, a co-working space located in close proximity to the Forum Metro Station in Frederiksberg, provides office space, access to conference rooms and the opportunity to meet new discussion partners and collaborators.


Creators Floor

Creators Floor, a startup community located near CBS in Frederiksberg, offers virtual offices, office space and an inspiring and creative environment with opportunities for knowledge sharing.

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Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE) is CBS’s entrepreneurial incubator, where more than 100 student startups, with individuals from a wide array of universities, work on their businesses daily.

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KONTOR i BYEN is a co-working space close to the Forum Metro Station in Frederiksberg that rents out offices and space to small businesses but also has conference rooms.

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KU:BE LAB, a community and co-working space for entrepreneurs and startups, offers desks, meeting facilities and the opportunity for discussion with other entrepreneurs.

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LIFTOFF, a co-working space located close to the Forum Metro station in Frederiksberg, provides office facilities and a quiet, professional atmosphere.

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La oficina

La oficina, a co-working space centrally placed in Frederiksberg, has office space, course facilities and conference rooms.

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Nordic Hope

Nordic Hope, an imaginative co-working space centrally located in Frederiksberg, has conference rooms, office facilities, lounge areas and creative surroundings.

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Skiferhuset, a small co-working space for consultants and creative thinkers, offers bright surroundings, conference rooms, modern, height-adjustable desk space and facilities for holding courses and lectures.

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Student & Innovation House

Student & Innovation House is a hub for student-run innovation located in the old police station in Frederiksberg.

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The Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole, a co-working space in the heart of Frederiksberg, has offices and space for both workshops and lectures.

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