FRB Talks: Fake News on Facebook and Twitter in US Elections 2016 – Big Social Data Analytics of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
15:00 to 17:00

Frederiksberg Science City presents the second talk in the lecture series “FRB Talks”. The aim of FRB Talks is to pass on the knowledge and research that exist at Frederiksberg’s many leading environments of education and research.

This talk will try to answer the following question: What was the role of fake news on Facebook and Twitter in the US election 2016?

Using a novel method of Social Set Analysis, Professor Ravi Vatrapu shares insights on the US election. Professor Vatrapu presents a big data analytics study using data from Facebook pages, Twitter bios and demographics of followers of the two main presidential candidates’ accounts, as well as polling data. From this cutting edge research you will learn about the role of fake news on social media in creating filter bubbles, echo chambers, and the future implications of social media for civic engagement, political campaigning, and ultimately and quite ominously the threats to liberal democracy.

About the speaker

Ravi Vatrapu is Director of the Centre for Business Data Analytics (bda.cbs.dk) and Professor of Business Data Analytics at the Department of Digitalization at Copenhagen Business School. Professor Vatrapu’s current research focus is on big social data analytics, and his current research program seeks to design, develop and evaluate a novel approach to computational social science based on set theory, Social Set Analytics (SSA). SSA models social media interactions as associations to ideas, values and social actors and consists of novel formal models, predictive methods and visual analytics tools for big social data.

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